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For On models and methods pertaining to plant reproduction

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Breeding System (1 Abstract)
competitive sharing among males (1 Abstract)
conservation biology (1 Abstract)
cost of reproduction (1 Abstract)
cytonuclear gynodioecy (1 Abstract)
Demography (1 Abstract)
dioecy (1 Abstract)
dispersal (1 Abstract)
dispersal patterns (1 Abstract)
evolution of male and female phenotypes (1 Abstract)
ex situ conservation (1 Abstract)
Game theory (1 Abstract)
genetics (1 Abstract)
gynodioecy (2 Abstracts)
inbreeding depression (1 Abstract)
individual-based models (1 Abstract)
integral projection model (1 Abstract)
Lobelia (1 Abstract)
models (2 Abstracts)
monoecy (1 Abstract)
n-player game model (1 Abstract)
orchid (1 Abstract)
Penstemon haydenii (1 Abstract)
Plant reproduction (1 Abstract)
pollen dispersal (1 Abstract)
pollination (1 Abstract)
pollination efficiency (1 Abstract)
population dynamics (1 Abstract)
seed bank (1 Abstract)
seed dispersal (1 Abstract)
sex ratio (1 Abstract)
simulation (1 Abstract)

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